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”A Darker Shade of Love’’ in Lower Hater

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Lower Hater is a company that pulls the inspiration from the Lower Haight community to promote and develop fashion, art, and design. Located in San Francisco, U.S.A, the Lower Haters is a unique streetwear boutique featuring design collaborations with some of SF’s most progressive artists.  The richness in color and form makes their styles complimentary, yet dramatically different.  Lower Haters collections celebrate all aspects of lifestyle from Hip Hop to Punk Rock to promote and develop fashion, art, and design.

Recently the Lower Hater was proud to present a new show by Ursula X. Young and Krescent Carasso called   ‘’ A Darker Shade of Love’’. The well known artists explored the darker side of love in a special show and featured new works. The Ursula is well known painter and graphic maker in U.S.A that has sold her works in London, San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Alaska, Phoenix and Singapore. Although her subjects are flowery and often feminine, there is a pinch of urban darkness that creeps its way in to each painting. Taking place on February 12, the new presentation by this artist was really pleasure for the guests to explore the darker shade of love. The other author of the show is Krescent Carasso- also a great artist recently graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. Krescent was born in St. Augustine Florida and raised in Southern California and British Colombia. Like Ursula she also  has been painting for many years and in recent years she also found her as a bay area filmmaker, selecting the festivals such as the Santa Cruz Female Film Festival and Madcat International Film Festival. Krescent Carasso currently lives and works in San Francisco. To disclose, we are sure that the new show in Lower hater will bring with a distinctive flavor for all facets of the motley neighborhood and beyond of Lower Haight.