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Peter Norton Family Art Projects at MoMA Store

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Art collector and software entrepreneur Peter Norton is known as an active participant of the Christmas season and holidays who have sent and gifted thousands of art editions to personal friends since 1998. Created by artists and represented in the Norton’s vast collections these art objects are designed as interactive and playful gifts that were available only for lucky luminaries on Peter’s list and have been restlessly waited every December for twenty years. Peter Norton, the author of the idea has generously donated the remaining supply of these art objects to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). The Peter Norton family Christmas art projects are avialble now in limited quantities and a ’’complete MoMA set’’ of 21 art editions includes works not available individually. Now, MoMA store  offers it’s members to save 20% on the Peter Family Christmas Art Projects. If you are not a member you can still have chances to save your money joining them online. For more information you can click here.