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Whirl Trade Show by Fahamu Pecou

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The San Francisco based Shooting Gallery is proud to present Whirl Trade show by Fahamu Pecou. This exhibition is dedicated to address issues of misguided cross-national perceptions and international black identity. The opening reception for the show was taken on June 12th, 2010 and the doors of the Shooting Gallery are open for Whirl Trade until July 3rd, 2010. The exhibit will be open to the public.

Whirl Trade has a purpose to achieve the same platform of the hip-hop culture just as African American hip-hop artists do with microphone on an international stage. It is a dizzying cultural exchange where exported ideas of African identity are misinterpreted across borders. Fahamu Pecou paints limp to critique the commodified stereotype of young black man being projected by media. Referencing the photos of West African photographer, Malick Sidibe, Fahamu and friends model with clothing and set design that features perceived African styles. Fahamu is an Atlanta based artist who in the past year has had solo exhibits in New York City, Cape Town South Africa, Dallas and at the Volta 5 Art Fair in Basel, Switzerland. He earned his BFA from Atlanta College of Art in 1997 and has since completed residencies in Panamas Taller Portobelo and The Caversham Center in South Africa.

Romanowski Art Show At Tradition Westlake

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Tradition Westlake, one of the top street wear and sneaker boutiques in Southern California will present new art and music show on June 5th by SF based artist and DJ Romanowski. The show will include Romanowski’s amazing stencil art, collages, dioramas and some spinning music from his album. Like the many artshows, this one will also be attended as an educational, medicinal and eclectic approach. Romanowski, who was born and raised in both Basel and Zurich, Switzerland operates in this field over 20 years and has released more than 15,000 slabs of vinyl in his collection. His various electric acts and move wraps are thought to cover educational purposes and even better than one can pick up in school. As one of the San Francisco premier DJs Romanowski  works with such artists as Doze Green, Jan Whitefield from the Poets of Rythm, P.E.A.C.E. from Freestyle Fellowship, Jacko Peak, J.Boogie, Bing Ji Ling, and Up Bustle And Out. The artist and DJ Romanowski is also known as co-founder Soulvation Crew and Curator. His show at Tradition promises to be attractive and give really pleasure for the guests.

Comic Pop Art Show in San Francisco

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One of the San Francisco’s popular gift shops- Encantada Gallery of Fine Arts is proud to present a new comic solo art show in April. Located in the San Francisco’s popular Mission District Valencia Street corridor, Encantada Gallery is a professional space for exhibitions, lectures, poetry readings, and workshops. Here is the image that is used to promote the author’s first-ever San Francisco solo show. And, in the back of portrait there is a short description about the show and the author- experienced comic book artist Javier Hernandez. The opening reception of the show is going to be taken on April 3, and on Sunday the 4th there’ll be conducting a Cartoonist Workshop for kids. According to Javier there will be shown his new paintings along with some recent work. The curator of the Ensenada’s upcoming comic pop art show is Ricardo Padilla. To learn more about the SF’s new comic pop solo art you can go by this link

Peter Norton Family Art Projects at MoMA Store

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Art collector and software entrepreneur Peter Norton is known as an active participant of the Christmas season and holidays who have sent and gifted thousands of art editions to personal friends since 1998. Created by artists and represented in the Norton’s vast collections these art objects are designed as interactive and playful gifts that were available only for lucky luminaries on Peter’s list and have been restlessly waited every December for twenty years. Peter Norton, the author of the idea has generously donated the remaining supply of these art objects to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). The Peter Norton family Christmas art projects are avialble now in limited quantities and a ’’complete MoMA set’’ of 21 art editions includes works not available individually. Now, MoMA store  offers it’s members to save 20% on the Peter Family Christmas Art Projects. If you are not a member you can still have chances to save your money joining them online. For more information you can click here.

Past Present Feature

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The exhibition PastPresentFeature consisted of collections Cariverona Foundation and UniCredit Group: art for the city, is held at the Pellazo della Ragione, Verona, from 27th February until 3rd June. The UniCredit Group will present some 80 works of art meanwhile Fondazione Cariverona owns eight masterpieces.  The exhibition brings some of the masterpieces of 20th century Italian sculpture including the “donna che nuota sott’acqua” (“woman swimming underwater”), a marble work produced by Arturo Martini in 1941-42, and purchased by the Fondazione in 2005. The Past Present Feature exhibition will also be proud presenting two famous works by Alberto Savinio and Giorgio Morandi, as well as the imposing “Varsavia” (1960) by Emilio Vedova.

Like the many museum or gallery exhibitions, this one will also be attended by an educational project home borne out of the collaboration between the Councillorships of Culture and Youth Policy of Verona City Council and the Education Department of Rivoli Castle, Contemporary Art Museum. Happily, these two companies were able to present various attractive sections for the exhibition; including

  • ‘’On classic’’- Candida Höfer, Olivo Barbieri , Giulio Paolini, Bambocciante Van Bloemen, the pictor classicus De Chirico, his brother Alberto Savinio and the decadent Makart.
  • ‘’Objects of Desire’’- Tony Cragg, Andy Warhol with his ‘’Flowers’’ and Morandi with ‘’Natura morta’’
  • ‘’On Geometry’’- works by Imi Knoebel, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Ghada Amer and several others.
  • ‘’Submile and Picturesque’’-works by 17th-century painter Paul Bril, Charles Daubigny – key exponent of the “Barbizon School” – and the contemporary artists Georg Baselitz, Gerhard Richter, Andreas Gursky and Hans Op de Beeck.
  • ‘’Metropolis’’ section- Andreas Gursky, Massimo Vitali, Gabriele Basilico, Fischli & Weiss, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Wolfgang Tillmans, Vincenzo Castella and Francesco Jodice
  • And also ‘’Body Talk’’ and ‘’Face to Face’’ sections

The PastPresentFeature exhibition, curetted by Walter Gaudaganini and Stefano Gris, highlights the connectedness between past, the present and the feature through four centuries of European art and may be presented at Now some about the presenting companies. The Fondazione Cariverona (with Fondazione Domus) is one of the famous 20th-centruty Italian art collectors in the country, owning more than 600 art works.Speaking about UniCredit Group, it is one of the main European groups offering banking and financial services through around 10,000 branches in 22 countries as well as possessing one of the greatest art collections in the whole of Europe (with 60,000 works from the banks that merged to form the Group in Italy as well as those of the HypoVereinsbank in Germany and the Bank Austria in Austria).

”A Darker Shade of Love’’ in Lower Hater

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Lower Hater is a company that pulls the inspiration from the Lower Haight community to promote and develop fashion, art, and design. Located in San Francisco, U.S.A, the Lower Haters is a unique streetwear boutique featuring design collaborations with some of SF’s most progressive artists.  The richness in color and form makes their styles complimentary, yet dramatically different.  Lower Haters collections celebrate all aspects of lifestyle from Hip Hop to Punk Rock to promote and develop fashion, art, and design.

Recently the Lower Hater was proud to present a new show by Ursula X. Young and Krescent Carasso called   ‘’ A Darker Shade of Love’’. The well known artists explored the darker side of love in a special show and featured new works. The Ursula is well known painter and graphic maker in U.S.A that has sold her works in London, San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Alaska, Phoenix and Singapore. Although her subjects are flowery and often feminine, there is a pinch of urban darkness that creeps its way in to each painting. Taking place on February 12, the new presentation by this artist was really pleasure for the guests to explore the darker shade of love. The other author of the show is Krescent Carasso- also a great artist recently graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. Krescent was born in St. Augustine Florida and raised in Southern California and British Colombia. Like Ursula she also  has been painting for many years and in recent years she also found her as a bay area filmmaker, selecting the festivals such as the Santa Cruz Female Film Festival and Madcat International Film Festival. Krescent Carasso currently lives and works in San Francisco. To disclose, we are sure that the new show in Lower hater will bring with a distinctive flavor for all facets of the motley neighborhood and beyond of Lower Haight.

Jessie Oleson-the new owner of the Bluebottle Art

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Located in the Capitol Hill district of Seattle, Washington- the Bluebottle Art gallery is an art gallery and boutique focusing on independent art, craft and design. The gallery-store specializes in showcasing amazing and affordable artwork to the market that is created by crafty artists. The goal of the Bluebottle has been to support a network of artists and provide an opportunity for consumers to purchase places that are unique and exclusive.  

The authors and the first owners of the business are known as husband and wife duo Andrea and Matthew Porter. They organized the Bluebottle in 2002, created a sense of community being at the forefront of the DIY indie art and in 2010 they sold the Bluebottle and moved, full time to focusing on building the Matthew Porter Art line.

Now, comes word about the Bluebottle’s new owner starting April 1-a freelance writer and illustrator Jesse Oleson. Jesse is known as the creator of the popular baked goods website Cakespy’s goods include art and clothing featuring anthropomorphic baked goods at frolic and play. The Cakespy crew is comprised of about 6 or 7 Cake Gumshoes throughout the US.

 As Oleson announced her new business venture via Twitter @cakespy- she describes the Bluebottle as a Cakespy retail shop and told, she  will be assisted by her husband, Danny Oleson, a fixture in the Seattle music scene from the bands Exohxo and Speaker, an overall cool guy and arts enthusiast. Now let’s don’t forget that before the sale Bluebottle showcased over 100 different artists in the boutique section and had a strong mailing list of consumers from Twitter, Facebook and a lively blog. Jesse Oleson, the Head Spy of the cakespy plans on continuing the tradition of showing the best indie art around, and making Seattle a sweeter place. And as a conclusion we are sure that the right buyer is chose and Bluebottle will continue to have a similar vibe and support emerging local talent in the Seattle community.


WhiteWalls December Show Ended

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Just a note that while the WhiteWalls December show “Winter Group Show” ended on Jan 2nd, 2010, you can still find the art on their site here.

An excerpt of the show:

We are excited to show several artists who we are inspired by and admire. Varying from prolific artists who have established careers to those who are just now emerging. This exceptional collection fluctuates between abstract, mixed media, sculpture, urban, folk and contemporary art. The Winter Group Show embodies White Walls mission to push the boundaries between lowbrow, urban and fine art and we are proud to exhibit such a diverse collection all under one roof.

Shooting Gallery presents Wild Wild East by Yumiko Kayukawa

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See the exhibition here.


Bruce Conner at Michael Kohn Gallery in LA

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bruce_conner_2009_showBRUCE CONNER
Bruce Conner in the 1970s
November 7 – December 19, 2009

Reception: November 7th, 6-8pm

Michael Kohn Gallery
8071 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Tel. 323.658.8088
Fax. 323.658.8068